This document describes the data files used for all analyses in ‘Veltsos et al. Sexual selection on song and cuticular hydrocarbons in two distinct populations of Drosophila montana’.

Data files

There are 3 files.

The first columns in the text files were used in the models. They were 14, 20 and 14 variables for MaleSong.txt, FemaleCHC.txt and MaleSongCHC.txt respectively (up to ‘timeSong’ in all datasets). The remaining columns contain raw data that were used to generate some of those first columns (for example the CHC data from which principal components were calculated).

There is a smaller lower number of individuals in MaleSongCHC.txt compared to MaleSong.txt because some males were lost before extracting CHCs, or because CHC extraction data were of low quality. There were no individuals with CHC data but no song data.

Variable explanation