Show simple item record Myhre, Lise Cats de Jong, Karen Forsgren, Elisabet Amundsen, Trond 2012-02-20T16:43:45Z 2012-02-20T16:43:45Z 2012-04-27
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.cn4d8bv4
dc.identifier.citation Myhre LC, de Jong K, Forsgren E, Amundsen T (2012) Sex roles and mutual mate choice matters during mate sampling. The American Naturalist 179(6): 741-755.
dc.description The roles of females and males in mating competition and mate choice have lately proven more variable, between and within species, than previously thought. In nature, mating competition occurs during mate search, and is expected to be regulated by the numbers of potential mates and same-sex competitors. Here, we present the first study to test how a temporal change in sex roles affects mating competition and mate choice during mate sampling. Our model system (the marine fish Gobiusculus flavescens) is uniquely suitable because of its change in sex roles, from conventional to reversed, over the breeding season. As predicted from sex role theory, courtship was typically initiated by males and terminated by females early in the breeding season. The opposite pattern was observed late in the season, at which time several females often simultaneously courted the same male. Mate-searching females visited more males early than late in the breeding season. Our study shows that mutual mate choice and mating competition can have profound effects on female and male behavior. Future work needs to consider the dynamical nature of mating competition and mate choice if we aim to fully understand sexual selection in the wild.
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.cn4d8bv4/1
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.cn4d8bv4/2
dc.relation.isreferencedby doi:10.1086/665651
dc.relation.isreferencedby PMID:22617262
dc.subject Behavior: reproductive
dc.subject Conflict: sexual
dc.subject Mate choice
dc.subject Selection: sexual
dc.title Data from: Sex roles and mutual mate choice matters during mate sampling
dc.type Article
dwc.ScientificName Gobiusculus flavescens
dc.contributor.correspondingAuthor Myhre, Lise Cats
prism.publicationName The American Naturalist
dryad.dansTransferDate 2017-09-26T12:32:40.798-0400
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Title MS-data
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Description File contains summarized data (per female) about mate sampling events during observations of focal female two-spotted gobies (Gobiusculus flavescens)
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Title encounter
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Description File contains data from each encounter with a male two-spotted goby (Gobiusculus flavescens)that included courtship
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