Dryad-library partnerships

Dryad-library partnerships

Preservation of data by libraries and repositories such as Dryad is more important than ever. With multiple options available to fit your needs, Dryad can be a valued resource for academic libraries that aim to support data preservation and advance the culture of open science. Dryad is a non-profit company that developed out of a collaboration among researchers, librarians, and journal editors; we share a common goal with academic libraries. Let’s work together to promote a world where research data is openly available, integrated with the scholarly literature, and routinely re-used to create knowledge.

You’re already working with data - here's how Dryad can help:

  • focuses exclusively on data that underlies scholarly literature, is linked to the literature, and is openly available
  • works with data from a broad range of fields and formats
  • provides high visibility and discoverability of data - while institutional repositories (IR) play an important role in data preservation, IR data can be difficult to access and reuse
  • curates all data packages to ensure the validity of the files and metadata
  • provides data free to the public under CC0 terms of reuse
  • cares about long-term preservation of research objects

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Partnership options

Membership - Take advantage of the benefits of membership. Apply for membership today (choose ‘advocate’ on the form) and we will send you voucher codes for 5 free submissions to Dryad:

  • help guide Dryad’s development by nominating and electing the Board of Directors and voting on bylaw changes
  • enhance your professional development by staying up to date in the fast-moving area of open science
  • represent the values and interests of academic libraries at annual meetings
  • make important contacts and share knowledge in an active network of leaders in data management
  • receive discounts on data publishing plans

Membership for libraries costs $500 annually and we are currently offering 5 free vouchers (worth $120 each) for new library members as an additional incentive for joining. Higher level memberships are also available.


Promote the culture of open science at your institution by purchasing vouchers and sharing them with your constituents to cover the cost of submitting data to Dryad. Vouchers are $120 each for 1-24 vouchers and $105 for 25+. They have no expiration date and are freely transferable. Libraries participating in a voucher program will be listed on the Institutional Sponsors page, alerting submitters to the offer.

Integration with the Dryad Submission System

If your library system includes a university press that publishes journals, coordinate the submission of manuscripts with submission of data to Dryad. Integration is lightweight and customizable to each journal's needs. Best of all, integration is free - you do not need to be a member!

Individualized Curation Support

Partner with a Dryad curator who works directly with you and your researchers to support submission of usable, meaningful data.

Questions about partnering with Dryad? Contact us at director@datadryad.org

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