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The Dryad Community Meeting is an annual event for researchers, journal editors, librarians, data managers, publishers, funders and other individuals or organizations with a stake in the preservation and availability of the scientific and medical data associated with the published literature.

The theme of the 2016 meeting was "Leadership in data publishing: Dryad and learned societies." To make attendance easier, this year's meeting was held online, and in an abbreviated format.


A recorded video of the meeting can be viewed on the Dryad YouTube channel.


12:00 Welcome 12:05 Dryad 101 - Meredith Morovati (Executive Director, Dryad) An introduction to the Dryad Digital Repository, including an overview of recent and upcoming developments and short business meeting. 12:35 Community Perspectives Forum The Community Perspectives Forum provides an opportunity for partner journals and member organizations to exchange knowledge and share their experiences with data archiving and publishing.

  • Rhiannon Meaden, Senior Publishing Editor, The Royal Society
  • Erika Newton, Managing Editor, British Ecological Society
  • Emilio M. Bruna, Editor-in-Chief of Biotropica
1:05 Question and answer period 1:30 Adjourn

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