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The organization: Overview

The Dryad Digital Repository is a curated resource that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Dryad provides a general-purpose home for a wide diversity of datatypes.

Dryad’s vision is to promote a world where research data is openly available, integrated with the scholarly literature, and routinely re-used to create knowledge.

Our mission is to provide the infrastructure for, and promote the re-use of, data underlying the scholarly literature.

Dryad is governed by a nonprofit membership organization. Membership is open to any stakeholder organization, including but not limited to journals, scientific societies, publishers, research institutions, libraries, and funding organizations.

Publishers are encouraged to facilitate data archiving by coordinating the submission of manuscripts with submission of data to Dryad. Learn more about submission integration.

Dryad originated from an initiative among a group of leading journals and scientific societies in evolutionary biology and ecology to adopt a joint data archiving policy (JDAP) for their publications, and the recognition that easy-to-use, sustainable, community-governed data infrastructure was needed to support such a policy.


Our community

Data are the foundation of the scientific enterprise. By preserving and making available the data underlying the scientific and medical literature, Dryad provides benefits to individual researchers, educators and students and to a diversity of stakeholder organizations.

Researchers: Dryad benefits researchers by providing free access to data they can use for a host of different purposes: to study and validate published results, for methodology development, for meta-analyses, and to address novel questions using historic observations. Submitting to Dryad helps researchers get more credit for their work by increasing the usability and citability of their data.

Educators and students: Dryad provides educators and students with the opportunity to teach and learn a broad array of analysis techniques, and general data literacy skills, using both classic and recently published research data.

Scientific societies: Archiving data in Dryad strengthens the legacy of a scientific society by permanently preserving the data and increasing the research impact of its members and community. The availability of data creates new opportunities for research and education and promotes public trust in science.

Journals and publishers: Dryad frees journals and publishers from the responsibility and costs of publishing and maintaining supplemental data in perpetuity. By encouraging a broader range of reuse, journals and publishers increase the impact, citations and the prestige of their publications.

Research institutes and libraries: Dryad provides institutions with a new method their researchers can use to showcase their work. It provides infrastructure for the preservation and dissemination of research data collected at the institution, as well as data from other institutions of value to its patrons.

Research funding organizations: Dryad provides a cost-effective mechanism for free, long-term access to data which, in turn, enables new research. Data availability improves the rigor of the scientific record and public trust in the scientific enterprise.



Dryad gratefully acknowledges support from the following organizations. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the project staff and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.

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