Data from: Ecological partitioning among parapatric cryptic species

Dennis A, Hellberg M

Date Published: April 26, 2010



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Description Alignment files in FASTA format. There are 4 species and three genes, each in an individual file. The 4 species are: (1) Melampus coffeus, (2) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species NORTH, (3) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species SOUTH, (4) Melampus bidentatus cryptic species GULF. The 3 genes are: (1) Histone H3 (2) Cytochrome oxidase I (CO1) and (3) MCP, which has been Probable mitochondrial phosphate carrier protein.
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Dennis AB, Hellberg ME (2010) Ecological partitioning among parapatric cryptic species. Molecular Ecology 19: 3206-3225.

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Dennis A, Hellberg M (2010) Data from: Ecological partitioning among parapatric cryptic species. Dryad Digital Repository.
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