Data from: Is local adaptation in Mimulus guttatus caused by trade-offs at individual loci?

Hall M, Lowry D, Willis J

Date Published: April 29, 2010


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Title DUN x IM RIL M. guttatus genotype and linkage map data.xls
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Description This file includes the genotype data for EST markers, as described in Lowry et al. (2009) New Phytologist 183:776-788. These markers were genotyped in 191 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) from IM & DUN parents of Mimulus guttatus. Marker genotypes are: a=IM/IM homozygote, h=IM/DUN heterozygote, b=DUN/DUN homozygote. The markers are ordered by linkage group (1-14) and include distances (cM) between markers.
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Title Mimulus guttatus DUN x IM RIL reciprocal transplant field measurements.xls
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Description This excel file includes field measurements for 1-3 replicates (means) of 191 Recombinant Inbred lines (RILs) created from parents of two distinct ecological races of Mimulus guttatus:IM & DUN. These RILs were backcrossed to unrelated individuals of IM & DUN to generate BC-IM & BC-DUN lines, which were phenotyped in the natural field environment near where the original parents were collected, at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area & in the Western Cascades Mountains, Oregon. Detailed description of the lines & populations are in Hall & Willis (2006) Evolution 60:2466-2477. Sites are "IM" for Cascades, OR & "DUN" for Oregon Dunes. Traits are: ww=corolla wide width, ctl=corolla tube width, lw=leaf width, st=stem thickness, date1=date of first flower production, lvs=maximum number of leaves, diam=maximum rosette diameter, ht=maximum plant height, stol=stolon number, flrs=total flower number, F1=total 1st year seed production, P1=year 1 survival, F2=year 2 seed production, P2=year 2 survival, lambda=lifetime fitness
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Hall MC, Lowry DB, Willis JH (2010) Is local adaptation in Mimulus guttatus caused by trade-offs at individual loci?. Molecular Ecology 19: 2739-2753.

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Hall M, Lowry D, Willis J (2010) Data from: Is local adaptation in Mimulus guttatus caused by trade-offs at individual loci? Dryad Digital Repository.
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