Data from: The opsin genes of Amazonian cichlids

Escobar-Camacho D, Ramos E, Martins C, Carleton KL

Date Published: December 15, 2016



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Title Amazonian cichlid genomes contigs
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Description We are submitting 24 contigs from three whole genomes assemblies that are unpublished. Three Amazonian cichlid species were sampled in the Amazon basin, processed with Illumina next generation sequencing, and assembled with Velvet. These contigs in particular, contain different opsin genes :SWS1, SWS2B, SWS2A, RH2Aa, RH2Ab, RH2B, LWS and RH1. The full genome assemblies will be submitted in the near future. We have already annotated a handful of genes out of these contigs which are in GenBank (KX382917-57). Reviewers have asked us to submit these contigs as part of the raw data for the article. Because we have improved on these contig sequences in producing the gene annotations, we prefer not to annotate in these contigs as the improved sequences are already in GenBank. The gaps (NNNs) are of estimated size based on the paired reads spacing of the library that was sequenced by Illumina next generation sequencing.
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Escobar-Camacho D, Ramos E, Martins C, Carleton KL (2017) The opsin genes of amazonian cichlids. Molecular Ecology 26(5): 1343-1356.

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Escobar-Camacho D, Ramos E, Martins C, Carleton KL (2016) Data from: The opsin genes of Amazonian cichlids. Dryad Digital Repository.
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