Data from: Life cycle size dynamics in Didymosphenia geminata (Bacillariophytceae)

Bishop IW, Spaulding SA

Date Published: March 9, 2017



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Title Apical length measurements of Didymosphenia geminata from South Boulder Creek, Colorado USA
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Description This apical length dataset was collected using a Fluid Imaging FlowCam in 2013. Length measurements (in micrometers) of D. geminata valves were exported from VisualSpreadsheet, Fluid Imaging, Inc.'s proprietary FlowCam software. This .csv file contains (in long format) all the length measurements analyzed for this study along with their collection date, the accessioned sample at INSTAAR from which they derive, the collection locality, and that locality's latitude and longitude in decimal degrees (WGS84 datum).
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When using this data, please cite the original publication:

Bishop IW, Spaulding SA (2017) Life cycle size dynamics in Didymosphenia geminata (Bacillariophyceae). Journal of Phycology 53(3): 652-663.

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Bishop IW, Spaulding SA (2017) Data from: Life cycle size dynamics in Didymosphenia geminata (Bacillariophytceae). Dryad Digital Repository.
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