Data from: What makes eyespots intimidating? - the importance of pairedness

Mukherjee R, Kodandaramaiah U

Date Published: March 18, 2015



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Title Data Set providing the recordings of time (in seconds) of birds attacking either models in two-choice based experiments
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Description The excel sheet contains raw data from 5 two-choice experiments as described in the article. The data has been collected from field observations and have been entered manually in the excel sheet. Each trial/test of an experiment describes the time (in seconds) taken by a bird to attack both models. A trial was terminated either after the bird had attacked both models or after the completion of 5 minutes, so the time does not exceed 300s in any trial. The column headings have been described in accordance with the article. Experiment 1: i. 0 vs 1 ii. 1 vs 5 & iii. 0 vs 5 eyespots per hindwing; Experiment 2: Natural-sized eyespots (Area) vs eyespots with reduced area (Area/2); Experiment 3: A pair of natural eyespots (Eyespot) vs a pair of non-eyelike patterns with the same total area (Fan); Experiment 4: A pair of symmetric eyespots (Sym = OO) vs a pair of asymmetric patterns consisting of an eyespot and a fan (Asym = OF/FO); Experiment 5: A pair of natural eyespots (Paired) vs a single eyespot with twice the area (Unpaired)
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Mukherjee R, Kodandaramaiah U (2015) What makes eyespots intimidating? - the importance of pairedness. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 15(34).

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Mukherjee R, Kodandaramaiah U (2015) Data from: What makes eyespots intimidating? - the importance of pairedness. Dryad Digital Repository.
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