Data from: Environmental complexity and the purging of deleterious alleles

Singh A, Agrawal AF, Rundle HD

Date Published: July 31, 2017


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Title Test crosses to determine mutant allele frequency in experimental populations
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Description This file contains data from test crosses conducted to determine wildtype and mutant (gene disruption mutations) allele frequencies in replicate populations experimentally evolving in either a complex or simple mating environment. The data counts of are the inferred genotypes of males sampled at various time points (generations) over the course of the experiment. Each row corresponds to data from a single set of test crosses for a particular replicate population. Columns correspond to the following: generation: generation in which test cross was performed (note: no test crosses were performed at generation 0; rather replicates were established with individuals of known genotype); stock.number: corresponds to the stock number from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (as of September 2014); experimental.code: corresponds to the experimental ID given to the mutant allele (also corresponds to the ID column in the supplemental materials); treatment: corresponds to the mating treatment (simple vs. complex); replicate: replicate population within treatment; heterozygote: number of heterozygote males sampled; wildtype: number of homozygous wildtype males sampled; mutant: number of homozygous mutant (gene-disruption mutation) males sampled.
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Singh A, Agrawal AF, Rundle HD (2017) Environmental complexity and the purging of deleterious alleles. Evolution 71(11): 2714-2720.

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Singh A, Agrawal AF, Rundle HD (2017) Data from: Environmental complexity and the purging of deleterious alleles. Dryad Digital Repository.
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