Data from: Egg chemoattractants moderate intraspecific sperm competition

Lymbery R, Kennington WJ, Evans J

Date Published: November 14, 2017


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Title Fertilization success, genetic relatedness and mitochondrial lineage estimates from competitive sperm chemotaxis experiment
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Description Sheet 1 contains the results of multi-step sperm competition laboratory trials in the presence of egg chemoattractants in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis. Columns included are experimental block number, focal male (sperm donor) ID, focal female (egg chemoattractant donor) ID, replicate (two for each focal male-female cross), focal male fertilization success, focal male failures (eggs not fertilized), and total eggs counted. Sheet 2 contains similar data, but with the two replicate fertilization success measures for each focal male-female cross combined into a single measure. This sheet also contains estimates of nuclear genetic relatedness of male-female pairs, and a column specifying whether males and females belong to different (0) or the same (1) phylogenetic mitochondrial lineage.
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