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Title Mean landcover in buffers around marten sample locations
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Description This file includes the mean and standard deviation of the climate and landcover variables within each 9-km radius buffer around American marten (Martes americana) sampling sites (n=29) in Ontario, Canada.
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Title Microsatellite genotypes of American marten in Ontario, Canada
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Description This file contains genotypes (12 microsatellite loci) for 653 martens sampled at 29 sites in Ontario, Canada. See also: Koen EL, J Bowman, CJ Garroway, SC Mills, and PJ Wilson (2012) Landscape resistance and American marten gene flow. Landscape Ecology 27(1): 29-43.
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Title Simulated microsatellite data and summaries of simulated data
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Description These files represent network metrics for the focal node only, derived from 25 replicates of the simulated data. Also included are examples of our simulated microsatellite data. ReadMe files are within the zipped folder.
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Koen EL, Bowman J, Wilson PJ (2015) Node-based measures of connectivity in genetic networks. Molecular Ecology Resources 16(1):69-79.

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Koen EL, Bowman J, Wilson PJ (2015) Data from: Node-based measures of connectivity in genetic networks. Dryad Digital Repository.
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