Data from: Native plant diversity increases herbivory to non-natives

Pearse IS, Hipp AL

Date Published: September 16, 2014



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Title Rcode_Pearse_Hipp_2014
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Description code (R programming language) for analyses in Pearse & Hipp 2014. Some data on site-level characteristics within code.
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Title damage_by_oak_species
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Description Damage to oak species at all arboretum surveyed. Each tree species was represented by 1-6 individuals at a given site. Damage was estimated from 20 leaves per individual. Some hybrid trees were surveyed but removed from further analysis. chew = proportion (leaf area) chewing damage
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Title site_level_data
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Description Data on climate and location of arboretum sites. Other site level information in included directly in the programming code.
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Title best_quercus_phylogeny
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Description A supertree of oaks (Quercus and Notholithocarpus). The backbone of the phylogeny was a published AFLP phylogeny (Pearse & Hipp 2009). Oak species were placed on the phylogeny based on various evidence (listed in Table S1).
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Title alternate_quercus_phylogenies
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Description Alternate Quercus phylogenies that either collapse species relationships to polytomies within established clades, force even branching times, or move the placement of the old world white oaks, based on recent phylogenetic treatments (Hipp et al 2014). Multiple Newick tree files. Descriptions of which file is which phylogeny can be found in the R code.
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Pearse IS, Hipp AL (2014) Native plant diversity increases herbivory to non-natives. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281(1794): 20141841.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Pearse IS, Hipp AL (2014) Data from: Native plant diversity increases herbivory to non-natives. Dryad Digital Repository.
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