Data from: Novel TPLO alignment jig/saw guide reproduces freehand and ideal osteotomy positions

Mariano AD, Kowaleski MP, Boudrieau RJ

Date Published: November 4, 2016



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Title PLOSONEcomplete data set. (TPLO alignment jig-saw guide)
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Description Raw data collected for two groups of clinically performed TPLOs (a crescent osteotomy of the proximal tibia designed to alter the craniotibial shear force as a result of a cranial cruciate deficient knee). Group 1 (2005-2007): freehand osteotomies with jig only; Group 2 (2013-2015): freehand osteotomies with jig only. Group 1 follows recommendation at that time to place proximal jig pin through center of medial collateral ligament (MCL). Group 2 follows the later recommendation to place the jig pin behind the MCL. The objective of the study is to determine if a saw guide attached to the jig can match the positions of the osteotomy performed by experienced surgeons, and also is it can replicate the ideal osteotomy location. The data file are all measurements obtained from these clinical cases that compares guide-to-osteotomy fit and the appropriateness of the osteotomy based upon current published guidelines. All methods are described in the manuscript.
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Mariano AD, Kowaleski MP, Boudrieau RJ (2016) Novel TPLO Alignment Jig/Saw Guide Reproduces Freehand and Ideal Osteotomy Positions. PLOS ONE 11(8): e0161110.

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Mariano AD, Kowaleski MP, Boudrieau RJ (2016) Data from: Novel TPLO alignment jig/saw guide reproduces freehand and ideal osteotomy positions. Dryad Digital Repository.
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