Data from: Multiple scaling behavior and nonlinear traits in music scores

González-Espinoza A, Larralde H, Martinez-Mekler G, Mueller M

Date Published: November 13, 2017


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Title SI-master
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Description Supporting Information, here are the graphs for the fluctuation functions. The graphs are labeled as following: Palestrina Motets: PalestrinaMo-# Bach Musical Offering: BachMO-# Bach Well Tempered Clavier: BachWTK-# Haydn String Quartets: HaydnSQ-# Mozart Piano Sonatas: MozartPS-# Mozart String Quartets: MozartSQ-# Beethoven Fugues: BeethovenF-# Beethoven Early Quartets: BeethovenEQ-# Beethoven Late Quartets: BeethovenLQ-# Dvorak Humoresques: DvorakH-# Dvorak Silhouettes: DvorakS-# Dvorak Serenade for Strings: DvorakSt-# Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues: ShostakovichPF-# The number corresponds to the place in the full list of opus. Files corresponding to a scaling behavior over all s boxes (profile 1) are in Scaling.pdf, files corresponding to the functions showing a crossover (profiles 1 and 2) are in Crossovers.pdf, the files with the graps of profiles 4 and 5 are in NoScaling.pdf The values of the alpha's and R squared for the linear fitting in the fluctuations function are on the Tables: TableScaling.pdf corresponds to the functions following a power law and TableCrossovers.pdf to the functions with a crossover.
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Title InfoSeries.jl-master
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Description Repository for every calculation of the DFA and the construction of the time series from the .csv file. The repository can also be consulted in GitHub:
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Title Supplementary Material
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Description Full list of opus analyzed, details for the construction of the time series, individual DFA functions and their relation with the power spectra. Description of the survey.
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Title SM-TimeSeries
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Description All time series analyzed and the four tracks of the Survey. The time series were constructed as described in the Supplementary Material, from MIDIs downloaded from the web databases mentioned in references.
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