Data from: Butterflies do not alter conspecific avoidance in response to variation in density

Jaumann S, Snell-Rood EC

Date Published: June 6, 2017



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Title Butterfly behavioral and fecundity data in response to density manipulation
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Description This file contains data about egg-laying behavior and fecundity in response to variation in conspecific density (high and low) during the larval and adult stages of Pieris rapae butterflies. There are two sheets in the Excel file: one called "Behavioral Assay" and one called "Fecundity". Both sheets have data for all 48 individual butterflies included in the dataset in the published paper, and both have an "ID" column. The "ID" is the ID# for each individual butterfly and allows for cross-reference between sheets, if it is necessary to get both the behavioral and fecundity data for the same individual. Both sheets have "LarvalTreatment" and "AdultTreatment" columns, which identify whether the individual was in a "Five" or "One" treatment during each life stage, larval or adult. "Five" means that the individual was with four other conspecifics during that stage (five total individuals, high conspecific density), and "One" means that the individual was alone (one total individual, low conspecific density). The Behavioral Assay sheet has data for the number of eggs laid by individual butterflies on cabbage leaves with zero or three conspecific models, for each of three days. The Fecundity sheet shows fecundity data. "Fecundity" is a column in the sheet and equals the total number of eggs laid by an individual during the three days of the behavioral assay plus the number of dissected eggs.
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Jaumann S, Snell-Rood EC (2017) Butterflies Do Not Alter Conspecific Avoidance in Response to Variation in Density. Integrative and Comparative Biology, online in advance of print.

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Jaumann S, Snell-Rood EC (2017) Data from: Butterflies do not alter conspecific avoidance in response to variation in density. Dryad Digital Repository.
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