Data from: Empirical evaluation of neutral interactions in host-parasite networks

Stanko M, Miklisova D

Date Published: November 19, 2013



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Title Occurence of host and parasite species in localities in time
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Description Matrices of species occurence (in row) in sites at each time (in column). The 26 host species (rodents) are identified as H1, H2, ..., H26. The 61 parasite species (ectoparasites) are identified as P1, P2, ..., P61. The 13 localities are identified by a letter (A, C, D, E, ect) and the temporal repetition by a number. For example, the locality A have been checked 15 times in all, and the locality D 7 times. Then, at locality A, for the second temporal repetition, more than 50% of host individuals collected were from the species H2 (relative abundance = 0.512) for a total of 5 host species.
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Title Interactions_matrices
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Description List of interactions matrices recorded at each locality at each time, with relative interaction strengths between host and parasite species (i.e. relative abundance of parasite species on each host species).
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When using this data, please cite the original publication:

Canard EF, Mouquet N, Mouillot D, Stanko M, Miklisova D, Gravel D (2014) Empirical evaluation of neutral interactions in host-parasite networks. The American Naturalist 183(4): 468-479.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Stanko M, Miklisova D (2014) Data from: Empirical evaluation of neutral interactions in host-parasite networks. Dryad Digital Repository.
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