Data from: A porous convection model for small-scale grass patterns

Thompson S, Daniels KE

Date Published: August 17, 2009



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Description These are a set of original images of grass lawn patterns observed at Duke University, North Carolina, November 2008, approximately 2 days after a frost. Four of these images show transects and patches of the lawn where soil moisture measurements were taken. These measurements are described in the excel file. This excel file also includes the appropriate scaling conversions (from pixels to cm) that can be used to make quantitative measurements on the images.
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When using this data, please cite the original publication:

Thompson S, Daniels K (2010) A porous convection model for small-scale grass patterns. American Naturalist 175: E10-E15.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Thompson S, Daniels KE (2009) Data from: A porous convection model for small-scale grass patterns. Dryad Digital Repository.
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