Data from: Community composition affects the shape of mate response functions

Symes LB

Date Published: March 25, 2014



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Title Female response data
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Description This file contains the response data for female Oecanthus crickets from multiple sites in North America. The corresponding male data (and original recordings) are archived at the Macaulay Library of Natural Sound. For the female data, the first columns gives the species and collection locality (collection site GPS coordinates are in the associated manuscript). The next column is a unique identifier for the individual cricket. The following column gives the pulse rate of the stimulus that was played to the insect and the final column gives the female response score. The response score is the amount of time remaining in a 120 second trial when the cricket made contact with the speaker. (For example, if a female responded in 24 seconds, the response score would be 120-24=96). By calculating scores in this way, females that responded quickly had high response scores, females that responded slowly had low response scores, and females that did not respond had a response time of zero.
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Symes LB (2014) Community composition affects the shape of mate response functions. Evolution 68(7): 2005-2013.

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Symes LB (2014) Data from: Community composition affects the shape of mate response functions. Dryad Digital Repository.
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