Data from: The importance of forest structure to biodiversity-productivity relationships

Bohn FJ, Huth A

Date Published: November 22, 2016



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Title Appendix D: all forest stands generated by the forest factory. Bohn et al. 2016, RSOS
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Description This R-Workspace includes all analysed forest stands. "forests" contains the forest properties (BA,Theta, Omega, meanHeight), the productivity of each year (AWP2000 – AWP2004), the species richness and a column called mixture. The number in this column refers to the line in "mixtureSpecies" wherein the mixtures are described. The numbers in these strings refers to the rows of "species", which also contains the parameters of the species.
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Bohn FJ, Huth A (2017) The importance of forest structure to biodiversity–productivity relationships. Royal Society Open Science 4(1): 160521.

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Bohn FJ, Huth A (2017) Data from: The importance of forest structure to biodiversity-productivity relationships. Dryad Digital Repository.
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