Data from: Spatio-temporal dynamics of field cricket calling behaviour: implications for female mate search and mate choice

Nandi D, Balakrishnan R

Date Published: November 10, 2016



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Title Low-Resolution Calling Effort Scans
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Description Low-resolution calling effort scans for 31 nights (individual files). The first column refers to the unique 3-letter colour codes of individuals followed by the time at which the individuals were first sighted (2nd column). The next set of columns, except the last two, represent the calling activity marked in binary (1 for calling and 0 for non-calling), with headings indicating the start of scan sampling. The final two columns represent the distance (r) and angle (theta) of the calling site from a given reference point.
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Title High-Resolution_CallingEffort
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Description High resolution calling effort scans of individuals. The first row contains the individual ID (unique 3-colour codes). The second row refers to the night number corresponding to the low-resolution scans(hence the file number). '0' means that those individuals were found outside of the 31 nights when low-resolution scan sampling was conducted. The third row depicts the Sound Pressure Level (SPL). The fourth row contains the starting time of high-resolution calling effort sampling. The following rows contain the calling effort data coded in binary.
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Title CallingSongFeatures
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Description 5-syllable chirp duration, 5-syllable chirp period and number of 2-syllable chirps of the P.guttiventris calling song recorded from different individuals.
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Nandi D, Balakrishnan R (2016) Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Field Cricket Calling Behaviour: Implications for Female Mate Search and Mate Choice. PLOS ONE 11(11): e0165807.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Nandi D, Balakrishnan R (2016) Data from: Spatio-temporal dynamics of field cricket calling behaviour: implications for female mate search and mate choice. Dryad Digital Repository.
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