Data from: Multivariate analysis of genotype-phenotype association

Mitteroecker P, Cheverud JM, Pavlicev M

Date Published: March 7, 2016



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Title AllChromosomesF2F3
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Description This file contains genotype scores for 2060 specimens of the F2 and F3 generations of an intercross of inbred LG/J and SM/J mice, obtained from The Jackson Laboratory (for details see Cheverud et al. 1996; Norgard et al. 2008). Each individual was genotyped at 384 polymorphic SNPs. In our study we used only individuals without missing data and the 353 SNPs on the 19 autosomal chromosomes. Cheverud, J. M., E. J. Routman, F. A. Duarte, B. van Swinderen, K. Cothran et al., 1996 Quantitative trait loci for murine growth. Genetics 142: 1305–1319. Norgard, E. A., C. C. Roseman, G. L. Fawcett, M. Pavlicev, C. D. Morgan et al., 2008 Identification of quantitative trait loci affecting murine long bone length in a two-generation intercross of lg/j and sm/j mice. J. Bone Miner. Res. 23(6): 887–895.
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Title Chrom6_phenotypes
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Description Additive and dominance genotype scores for each of the 22 screened SNPs on chromosome 6 as well as for 89 loci imputed every 1 cM. The last 11 columns comprise the phenotypic measurements: total body weight (WTN), the weights of the reproductive fat pad (FP), the heart (HT), the kidney (KD), the spleen (SP), and the liver (LV), as well as tail length (TL) and the lengths of the right set of long bones (HUM, ULN, FEM, TIB). Measurements were corrected for the effects of sex, litter size, and age at necropsy.
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Mitteroecker P, Cheverud JM, Pavlicev M (2016) Multivariate analysis of genotype-phenotype association. Genetics 202(4): 1345-1363.

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Mitteroecker P, Cheverud JM, Pavlicev M (2016) Data from: Multivariate analysis of genotype-phenotype association. Dryad Digital Repository.
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