Data from: Two new synonyms in Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae, Commelinales)

de Oliveira Pellegrini MO

Date Published: July 5, 2016



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Title Fig. 1- Heteranthera gardneri
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Description Heteranthera gardneri. A, habit, showing a flowered population during dry-season; B, detail of the stem. C, detail of the flower-like inflorescence, showing how the upper perianth-lobes mimic androecium parts. A–B by A.P. Fontana, C by C.P. Bove.
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Title Fig. 2- Heteranthera lutea
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Description Heteranthera lutea. A, habit, showing an individual with petiolate and sessile leaves; B, habit, showing a submerged individual with only sessile leaves; C, detail of the one-flowered inflorescence, showing the tetramerous flower. Plate modified from the Flore de Madagascar et des Comores, Pontédériacées (1946), vol. 38: pp. 5; acquired through the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).
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Title Fig. 3- Heteranthera species
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Description Related Heteranthera species. A–B, Heteranthera dubia, from the United States: A, habit showing submerged individual with sessile and linear leaves; B, detail of the one-flowered inflorescence. C–D, Heteranthera rotundifolia, from Northeastern Brazil: C, habit, showing; D, detail of the flower; E–F, Heteranthera seubertiana, from Northeastern Brazil: E, detail of the sessile leave rosette; F, detail of the inflorescence, showing the open yellow flowers. G–H, Heteranthera zosterifolia, from Southeastern Brazil: G, habit, showing the emerged stem with sessile linear leaves; H, detail of the flower. A–B by C.N. Horn, C–D by A. Popovkin, E–F by R. Teobaldo, G by G. Oliveira and H by S.S. de Oliveira.
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de Oliveira Pellegrini MO (2017) Two new synonyms in Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae, Commelinales). Nordic Journal of Botany 35(1): 124-128.

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de Oliveira Pellegrini MO (2016) Data from: Two new synonyms in Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae, Commelinales). Dryad Digital Repository.
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