Data from: Offspring size and reproductive allocation in harvester ants

Wiernasz DC, Cole BJ

Date Published: September 5, 2017


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Title Data from reproductive allocation study
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Description The data file is twelve columns. FNEST-a numeric code for the colony. BLOCK-a numeric code for which block the colony is in. YEAR-the year for the data. CARB-code for whether colony received a seed supplement in that year (2) or did not (1). PROTEIN-code for whether a colony received a mealworm supplement (2) or did not (1) during that year. SIZE- the size of the colony in that summer. The following six columns are the number (MN, FN), size in gms (MWT, FWT) and variation in size of males and females (MSD, FSD) produced during that year. A 0 for number indicates no reproduction, a . indicates data for that colony not collected during that year.
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Wiernasz DC, Cole BJ (2017) Offspring Size and Reproductive Allocation in Harvester Ants. The American Naturalist, online in advance of print.

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Wiernasz DC, Cole BJ (2017) Data from: Offspring size and reproductive allocation in harvester ants. Dryad Digital Repository.
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