Data from: Where are we now? Bergmann's Rule sensu lato in insects

Shelomi M

Date Published: June 11, 2012



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Title MShelomi-BergmannInsectsReview.txt
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Description This file contains the data from the systematic review "Where Are We Now? Bergmann’s Rule sensu lato in Insects" in American Naturalist by Matan Shelomi ( The data was collected from articles listed in the citations of the associated article. The first column lists the author and year of each entry, which can be compared with the references list. In the column "Sex," M=Male, F=Female, B=both. Under "Organs Checked," PCA=Principle Components Analysis and CVA=Canonical Variate Analysis, with the numbers in parentheses being the number of components analyzed. Under "units," PC=principle components. Lat=Latitude (Range measured in arc degrees) and Alt=Altitude (Range measured in meters elevation). Under "Results," + = Bergmann Cline observed, - = Converse Bergmann Cline observed, 0 = No cline observed, with additional descriptions for non-linear clines.
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Shelomi M (2012) Where are we now? Bergmann's Rule sensu lato in insects.American Naturalist 180(4): 511-519.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Shelomi M (2012) Data from: Where are we now? Bergmann's Rule sensu lato in insects. Dryad Digital Repository.
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