Data from: A morphospace of planktonic marine diatoms, parts I and II

Kotrc B, Knoll AH

Date Published: July 23, 2014



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Description This .zip archive contains the data and software necessary to carry out the analyses and produce the figures in two publications by Kotrc, B. and Knoll, A.H. published side by side in the Journal Paleobiology in 2015. .R files are functions and scripts in the R programming language ( The file Morphospace.R contains an R script to clean the data, carry out the analyses, and produce the figures. It makes calls to functions in the files MorphospaceFunctions.R, MorphoPlotFunctions.R, and DiversityFunctions.R. The file Matrix.txt is a comma-delimited value (.csv) file which contains the morphological data matrix. The first row contains the names of the morphological characters (X1, X2, etc). Subsequent rows contain the name of the genus and then the state of each character. The file MatrixDescriptionOfCharacters.txt contains a description of the morphological characters in that matrix, and a description of what each character state (0, 1, 2, etc) represents. The file SourcesForMorphologicalData.txt lists the literature sources consulted to compile this data. A table relating which specific references were consulted for each genus is provided in B. Kotrc’s PhD thesis, freely available at The file NeptuneGenNamesCorrCret.txt is a download of the diatom entries Neptune database of microfossil occurrences with genus names corrected and Cretaceous occurrences from three publications added. The file NeptuneProcessed.txt is the same, but further processed to remove errors. The files ulf.aln and ulf.nwk contain RNA sequence data and a phylogenetic tree based on that data, and were supplied by Ulf Sorhannus; they are used to compare phylogenetic distance to distance in morphospace. Finally, divdisp-ow.pdf and divdisp-uw.pdf are supplemental plots (also generated by the code in this archive) pertaining to the second of the companion papers to which this archive belongs.
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When using this data, please cite the original publication:

Kotrc B, Knoll AH (2015) A morphospace of planktonic marine diatoms. I. Two views of disparity through time. Paleobiology 41(1): 45-67.

Additionally, please cite the Dryad data package:

Kotrc B, Knoll AH (2015) Data from: A morphospace of planktonic marine diatoms, parts I and II. Dryad Digital Repository.
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