Data from: Evidence for Batesian mimicry in a polymorphic hoverfly

Edmunds M, Reader T

Date Published: October 25, 2013



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Title analysis by site with season included
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Description Data describe abundances of V. bombylans morphs (vbp = plumata; vbb = bombylans; vbh = haemorrhoidalis) and Bombus spp (grouped as described in the paper; groups were given these names: bt = terrestris; bpr = pratorum; bl = lapidarius; bpa = pascuorum; bm = montana; bother = other Bombus species). Total numbers of V. bombylans and bees are labelled vtotal and btotal respectively. Proportion of V. bombylans in each morph, and Bombus spp. in each group, are given in columns headed propXXX. Data come from 52 sites, for which the names and latitudes and logitudes are given in columns labelled site, lat and long. Observations are pooled across 12 years (2000 to 2011) but are given for each of three seasons (early = 4th to 22nd of June; mid = 23rd June to 6th July; late = 7th July to 8th August).
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Title Bispham by season
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Description Data for the three best sampled sites (at Bispham) pooled, but separated by year and season. Abbreviations and definitions of seasons are as for main file.
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Edmunds M, Reader T (2014) Evidence for Batesian mimicry in a polymorphic hoverfly. Evolution 68(3): 827–839.

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Edmunds M, Reader T (2014) Data from: Evidence for Batesian mimicry in a polymorphic hoverfly. Dryad Digital Repository.
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