Data from: Urban trees reduce nutrient leaching to groundwater

Nidzgorski DA, Hobbie SE

Date Published: April 5, 2016



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Title Soil water nutrient concentrations
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Description Soil water samples collected in lysimeters at 60 cm depth, analyzed for nutrient concentrations: total dissolved organic carbon (NPOC, mg/L), total dissolved nitrogen (TN, mg/L), nitrate-nitrogen (NO3, mg/L), total dissolved phosphorus (TP, ug/L), and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP, ug/L)
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Title Sampling site descriptions and traits
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Description Information for each sampling site at tree or open turfgrass area: Tree genus/species, diameter at breast height (DBH) and total tree height; tissue chemistry (% C, N, P) for leaves, leaf litter, and roots; soil nutrients (KCl-extractable N, Brays P, and 10d net mineralization and nitrification rates)
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Nidzgorski DA, Hobbie SE (2016) Urban trees reduce nutrient leaching to groundwater. Ecological Applications 26(5): 1566-1580

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Nidzgorski DA, Hobbie SE (2016) Data from: Urban trees reduce nutrient leaching to groundwater. Dryad Digital Repository.
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