Show simple item record Esquerre, Damien Sherratt, Emma Keogh, J. Scott 2017-09-12T22:32:04Z 2017-09-12T22:32:04Z 2017-10-27
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.qb799
dc.identifier.citation Esquerré D, Sherratt E, Keogh JS (2017) Evolution of extreme ontogenetic allometric diversity and heterochrony in pythons, a clade of giant and dwarf snakes. Evolution, online in advance of print.
dc.description Ontogenetic allometry, how species change with size through their lives, and heterochony, a decoupling between shape, size and age, are major contributors to biological diversity. However, macro-evolutionary allometric and heterochronic trends remain poorly understood because previous studies have focused on small groups of closely related species. Here we focus on testing hypotheses about the evolution of allometry and how allometry and heterochrony drive morphological diversification at the level of an entire species-rich and diverse clade. Pythons are a useful system due to their remarkably diverse and well-adapted phenotypes and extreme size disparity. We collected detailed phenotype data on 40 of the 44 species of python from 1,191 specimens. We used a suite of analyses to test for shifts in trajectories that modify morphological diversity. Heterochrony is the main driver of initial divergence within python clades, and shifts in the slopes of allometric trajectories make exploration of novel phenotypes possible later in divergence history. We found that allometric coefficients are highly evolvable and there is an association between ontogenetic allometry and ecology, suggesting that allometry is both labile and adaptive rather than a constraint on possible phenotypes.
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.qb799/1
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.qb799/2
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.qb799/3
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.qb799/4
dc.relation.isreferencedby doi:10.1111/evo.13382
dc.subject Ontogenetic allometry
dc.subject heterochrony
dc.subject geometric morphometrics
dc.title Data from: Evolution of extreme ontogenetic allometric diversity and heterochrony in pythons, a clade of giant and dwarf snakes
dc.type Article
dwc.ScientificName Pythonidae
dc.contributor.correspondingAuthor Esquerre, Damien
prism.publicationName Evolution

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Title BPtree.MCC
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Description Fossil calibrated Maximum Clade Credibility (MCC) tree for pythons, boas and other henophidians, based on the alignment by Reynolds et al. 2014.
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Title Python_Body_Measurements
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Description Raw body measurements for the python specimens used in the study
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Title Python_Data
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Description Data on ecology, age and sex for the python specimens used in the study
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Title PythonRawLandmarks
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Description Landmark and semi-landmark coordinates for the python specimens used in the study
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