Data from: Interaction between stimulus contrast and pre-saccadic crowding

Agaoglu MN, Chung STL

Date Published: January 5, 2017



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Description data.mat contains a cell array called subjects. Each cell represents a different observer. Each cell has two structures, fixation and saccade for corresponding conditions. Within each structure, there are several fields having the RAW as well as processed response data and stimulus conditions in each and every trial. Due to the large size, only the saccade events during each trial are included in each structure. Below we explain what each field represents.
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Description A script for generating the figures in the paper.
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Agaoglu MN, Chung STL (2017) Interaction between stimulus contrast and pre-saccadic crowding. Royal Society Open Science 4(2): 160559.

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Agaoglu MN, Chung STL (2017) Data from: Interaction between stimulus contrast and pre-saccadic crowding. Dryad Digital Repository.
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