Data from: Time to get moving: assisted gene flow of forest trees

Aitken SN, Bemmels JB

Date Published: July 24, 2015



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Title Population mean phenotypes for 19 conifer species compiled from 23 previous studies
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Description This Excel file contains one sheet of metadata, and 23 spreadsheets of phenotypic data. Each spreadsheet of data includes results from one study for one species from one common garden. Data provided includes unique codes to identify each population, the latitude, longitude, elevation, mean annual temperature (C), and mean summer precipitation (in units of 100 mm), the number of families within population that were tested, and the total number of individuals that were tested. Phenotypic traits include height growth in varying units (see associated publication), the timing of spring phenological events in days relative to a reference date, and the timing of fall phenological events relative to a reference date.
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Aitken SN, Bemmels JB (2016) Time to get moving: assisted gene flow of forest trees. Evolutionary Applications, 9(1): 271-290

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Aitken SN, Bemmels JB (2015) Data from: Time to get moving: assisted gene flow of forest trees. Dryad Digital Repository.
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