Data from: The SETDB2 locus: evidence for a genetic link between handedness and atopic disease

Crespi B, Read S, Hurd P

Date Published: August 11, 2017



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Title Data_SETDB2_9aug2017
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Description Full description in manuscript - Handedness data: Participants filled out the Waterloo Handedness Questionnaire (WHQ). Scores for each of 32 WHQ items ranging from +2 for strong right, +1 for weak right, 0 for ambidextrous, -1 for weak left and -2 for strong left, giving a total scale range from -64 to +64. Laterality Quotient (LQ) is a continuous measure from -64 to +64 that thus incorporates both direction and strength of handedness; Strength of Handedness (ST) is the absolute value of LQ; and Left-Right (LR) is a dichotomous measure whereby -1 to -64 is designated left and +1 to +64 is right. Genetic data: DNA was extracted from saliva using standard phenol-chloroform protocols. Fluorophore-labeled primers for SETDB2 rs4942830 fluorophore-labeled were used for TaqMan® genotyping on a Roche LightCycler® 96 Real-Time PCR machine. VIC and FAM fluorescence data were analyzed under Endpoint Genotyping using LightCycler® 96 software, version
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Crespi B, Read S, Hurd P (2017) Data from: The SETDB2 locus: evidence for a genetic link between handedness and atopic disease. Dryad Digital Repository.
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