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dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.48s16
dc.identifier.citation Bohannon J, Doran K (2017) Introducing ORCID. Science 356(6339) 691-692.
dc.identifier.issn 0036-8075
dc.description ORCID wasn't intended as a massive longitudinal survey of the global population of scientists, but with 3 million profiles and growing, it is becoming just that. So far a quarter of those researchers have voluntarily added personal information to their public ORCID profiles including the years, locations, and descriptions of their education and employment histories. As this voluntary sampling grows, the demographic and migration patterns of the scientific workforce is coming into focus. The biases are also apparent: ORCID users skew young, and certain countries are over- and underrepresented. The code for processing and analyzing the raw profile data are offered here to help researchers explore ORCID, the largest open repository of scientific careers. [NOTE: further context for this data package is provided in Bohannon (2017) 'Restless Minds' at].
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dc.relation.isreferencedby doi:10.1126/science.356.6339.691
dc.title Data from: Introducing ORCID
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prism.publicationName Science
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Title ORCID public profiles
Downloaded 149391 times
Description This file contains 2.8 million public profiles from ORCID in both XML and JSON format. You will need 300 GB of free space to decompress the data and work with it.
Download public_profiles.tar (12.83 Gb)
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Title IPython Notebook to process ORCID profiles
Downloaded 400 times
Description This IPython Notebook provides code for processing the data from public_profiles.tar into manageable data files for analysis.
Download Process ORCID profiles.html (315.5 Kb)
Download Process ORCID profiles.ipynb (47.51 Kb)
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Title ORCID migrations
Downloaded 291 times
Description This file contains all affiliations (education and employment) and associated data. It is part of the output of the IPython Notebook above.
Download ORCID_migrations_2016_12_16.csv (222.4 Mb)
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Title ORCID migrations by person
Downloaded 160 times
Description This file is an aggregation of affiliation data for each person. It is part of the output of the IPython Notebook above.
Download ORCID_migrations_2016_12_16_by_person.csv (35.19 Mb)
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Title IPython Notebook to analyze migrations
Downloaded 238 times
Description This IPython Notebook provides analysis of the CSV files above.
Download ORCID data analysis.html (466.8 Kb)
Download ORCID data analysis.ipynb (186.8 Kb)
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Title ResearchGate - researcher movements from 2006
Downloaded 151 times
Description This file was provided to Science magazine by ResearchGate. It was described as being based on "over one million of our members who display education and employment affiliation on their profiles" with the data representing "percentages of total movements of researchers from country to country since 2006."
Download 20170110_Science_Researcher movements from....xlsx (135.0 Kb)
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