Data from: Development of an ultra-dense genetic map of the sunflower genome

Bowers JE

Date Published: December 20, 2012


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Title Helianthus Genespace Est Assembly
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Description All genotyping was performed using a custom Affymetrix GeneChip (Affymetrix, CA, USA) designed from Helianthus expressed-sequence tags (ESTs). A total of 283,605 Sanger ESTs from 7 sunflower species (GenBank numbers: AJ318230-AJ318330, AJ412174-AJ412667, AJ437699-AJ437975, AJ539583-AJ540226, AJ541055-AJ541795, AJ542101-AJ542392, AJ827751-AJ829440, BG734514-BG734530, BG874297-BG874313, BG891021-BG891022, BQ909263-BQ917261, BQ965129-BQ980049, BU015365-BU036497, BU671782-BU672110, CD845604-CD858495, CF076145-CF099271, CX943504-CX948070, DY903733-DY959228, EE605695-EE627562, EE628472-EE661299, EL412382-EL492411, EL511146-EL515442, EL772988) were assembled using TGICL [11]. These sequences included 94,017 ESTs from H. annuus; 35,704 from H. argophyllus; 21,589 from H. ciliaris; 33,959 from H. exilis; 30,504 from H. paradoxus; 27,479 from H. petiolaris; and 40,353 from H. tuberosus. The final assembly included 87,237 “unigenes” corresponding to 27,587 contigs and 59,650 singletons.
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Bowers JE, Nambeesan S, Corbi J, Barker MS, Rieseberg LH, Knapp SJ, Burke JM (2012) Development of an ultra-dense genetic map of the sunflower genome. PLoS ONE 7(12): e51360.

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Bowers JE (2012) Data from: Development of an ultra-dense genetic map of the sunflower genome. Dryad Digital Repository.
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