Show simple item record Wultsch, Claudia Waits, Lisette P. Kelly, Marcella J.
dc.coverage.spatial Belize 2014-04-16T19:43:25Z 2015-05-14T06:30:05Z 2014-04-16
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.j248q/1
dc.description STRUCTURE file for the manuscript "Noninvasive Individual and Species Identification of Jaguars (Panthera onca), Pumas (Puma concolor) and Ocelots (Leopardus pardalis) in Belize, Central America using Cross-Species Microsatellites and Fecal DNA". The file includes microsatellite genotype data for the three target species detected in Belize for this study.
dc.format.extent 23632
dc.relation.ispartof doi:10.5061/dryad.j248q
dc.subject noninvasive genetic sampling
dc.subject individual identification
dc.subject cross-species microsatellites
dc.subject molecular scatology
dc.subject scat detector dogs
dc.title STRUCTURE - Belize Felids - Wultsch et al. 2014
dc.type Dataset *
dwc.ScientificName Panthera onca
dwc.ScientificName Puma concolor
dwc.ScientificName Leopardus pardalis
dc.type.embargo oneyear
.dryad.pageviews 166
.dryad.downloads 69

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