Show simple item record Martin, Thomas E. Riordan, Margaret M. Repin, Rimi Mouton, James C. Blake, William M.
dc.coverage.spatial Malaysia 2017-11-10T16:16:30Z 2017-11-10T16:16:30Z 2017-10-20
dc.identifier doi:10.5061/dryad.k1p41
dc.identifier.citation Martin TE, Riordan MM, Repin R, Mouton JC, Blake WM (2017) Apparent annual survival estimates of tropical songbirds better reflect life history variation when based on intensive field methods. Global Ecology and Biogeography 26(12): 1386-1397.
dc.description Adult survival is central to theories explaining latitudinal gradients in life history strategies. Life history theory predicts higher adult survival in tropical than north temperate regions given lower fecundity and parental effort. Early studies were consistent with this prediction, but standard-effort netting studies in recent decades suggested that apparent survival rates in temperate and tropical regions strongly overlap. Such results do not fit with life history theory. Targeted marking and resighting of breeding adults yielded higher survival estimates in the tropics, but this approach is thought to overestimate survival because it does not sample social and age classes with lower survival. We compared the effect of field methods on tropical survival estimates and their relationships with life history traits.
dc.relation.haspart doi:10.5061/dryad.k1p41/1
dc.relation.isreferencedby doi:10.1111/geb.12661
dc.subject apparent survival
dc.subject egg temperature
dc.subject life history
dc.subject latitudinal variation
dc.subject longevity
dc.subject reisghting
dc.title Data from: Apparent annual survival estimates of tropical songbirds better reflect life history variation when based on intensive field methods
dc.type Article
dwc.ScientificName Passeriformes
dc.contributor.correspondingAuthor Martin, Thomas E.
prism.publicationName Global Ecology and Biogeography
dryad.fundingEntity DEB-1241041, DEB-1651283, IOS-1656120@National Science Foundation (United States)

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Title Martin et al 2017 GEB Tropical survival
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Description Apparent survival, detection probabilities, and confidence intervals under differing analytical approaches.
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