Data from: Nutrient supply alters goldenrod’s induced response to herbivory

Burghardt KT

Date Published: May 31, 2016


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Title tolerance and resistance
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Description Tolerance and resistance measures collected from 9 genotypes of S. altissima grown across and nutrient gradient within the greenhouse. Resistance was estimated using the relative growth rates of herbivores placed on previously fed on (induced) vs. control (constitutive) plants. Tolerance of herbivory of each genotype is estimated by dividing the fitness of a damaged plant by the fitness of an undamaged plant
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Title Plant trait data
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Description Trait from plant individuals of 9 genotypes of S. altissima grown across a nutrient gradient (4 levels: 0ppm=lowest to 400ppm highest) and herbivory gradient (3 levels: 0= no herbivory, 1= 1 week of herbivory, 2=2 weeks of herbivory) within a greenhouse experiment. Column abbreviations are in metadata sheet.
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Burghardt KT (2016) Nutrient supply alters goldenrod's induced response to herbivory. Functional Ecology 30(11): 1769-1778.

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Burghardt KT (2016) Data from: Nutrient supply alters goldenrod’s induced response to herbivory. Dryad Digital Repository.
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