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2016. Christe, Camille, Stölting, Kai N., Paris, Margot, Fraїsse, Christelle, Bierne, Nicolas, and Lexer, Christian. Speciation often involves repeated episodes of genetic contact between divergent populations before reproductive isolation (RI) is complete. Whole-... Molecular Ecology. University of Fribourg, University of Montpellier, and University of Vienna.
2017. Razgour, Orly, Taggart, John B., Manel, Stéphanie, Juste, Javier, Ibáñez, Carlos, Rebelo, Hugo, Alberdi, Antton, Jones, Gareth, and Park, Kirsty. Climate change is a major threat to global biodiversity that will produce a range of new selection pressures. Understanding species responses to cl... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Bristol, University of Stirling, University of Southampton, Wageningen University & Research, and University of Copenhagen.
2011. Perrier, Charles, Guyomard, René, Baglinière, Jean-Luc, and Evanno, Guillaume. Disentangling the effects of natural environmental features and anthropogenic factors on the genetic structure of endangered populations is an impo... Molecular Ecology. INRA, UMR 0985 Ecology and Health of Ecosystems, 35042 Rennes, France* and INRA, UMR INRA 1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology, Domaine de Vilvert, 78352 Jouy‐en‐Josas Cedex, France*.
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2018. Karrenberg, Sophie, Liu, Xiaodong, Hallander, Emelie, Favre, Adrien, Herforth Rahmé, Joelle, and Widmer, Alex. New species arise through the evolution of reproductive barriers between formerly interbreeding lineages. Yet, comprehensive assessments of potenti... Evolution. Uppsala University, Department of Diversity and Evolution of Higher PlantsInstitute of EcologyEvolution and DiversityGoethe‐University 60439 Frankfurt am Main Germany*, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.