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2018. Kim, Jun-Mo, Santure, Anna W., Barton, Henry J., Quinn, John L., Cole, Eleanor F., Visser, Marcel E., Sheldon, Ben C., Groenen, Martien A.M., van Oers, Kees, Slate, Jon, Santure, A. W., Kim, J.-M., Barton, H. J., Slate, J., Visser, M. E., van Oers, K., Quinn, J. L., Cole, E. F., and Sheldon, B. C. High density SNP microarrays (‘SNP chips’) are a rapid, accurate and efficient method for genotyping several hundred thousand polymorphisms in larg... Molecular Ecology Resources. University of Sheffield, University College Cork, University of Oxford, Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie, Wageningen University & Research, University of Auckland, and Chung-Ang University.
2016. Blanquart, François, Grabowski, Mary Kate, Herbeck, Joshua, Nalugoda, Fred, Serwadda, David, Eller, Michael A., Robb, Merlin L., Gray, Ronald, Kigozi, Godfrey, Laeyendecker, Oliver, Lythgoe, Katrina A., Nakigozi, Gertrude, Quinn, Thomas C., Reynolds, Steven J., Wawer, Maria J., Fraser, Christophe, Wawer, Maria J, Lythgoe, Katrina A, Quinn, Thomas C, and Reynolds, Steven J. Evolutionary theory hypothesizes that intermediate virulence maximizes pathogen fitness as a result of a trade-off between virulence and transmissi... eLife. Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Makerere University, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Rakai Health Sciences Program, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, and University of Oxford.
2013. Wyatt, Gregory A. K., West, Stuart A., Gardner, Andy, Gardner, A., Wyatt, G. A. K., and West, S. A. Darwin suggested that the discovery of altruism between species would annihilate his theory of natural selection. However, it has not been formally... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford.
2014. Carter, Alecia J., English, Sinead, Clutton-Brock, Tim H., Carter, A. J., English, S., and Clutton-Brock, T. H. The social niche specialization hypothesis predicts that group-living animals should specialize in particular social roles to avoid social conflict... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Cambridge and University of Oxford.
2013. Sheppard, Samuel K., Didelot, Xavier, Meric, Guillaume, Torralbo, Alicia, Jolley, Keith A., Kelly, David J., Bentley, Stephen D., Maiden, Martin C. J., Parkhill, Julian, and Falush, Daniel. Genome-wide association studies have the potential to identify causal genetic factors underlying important phenotypes but have rarely been performe... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Swansea University, University of Córdoba, University of Sheffield, Wellcome Trust, and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
2017. Rajendran, Vani Gurusamy, Harper, Nicol S., Garcia-Lazaro, Jose Alberto, Lesica, Nicholas A., Schnupp, Jan W.H., Garcia-Lazaro, Jose A., Rajendran, Vani G., and Schnupp, Jan W. H. The ability to spontaneously feel a beat in music is a phenomenon widely believed to be unique to humans. Though beat perception involves the coord... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University College London, University of Oxford, and City University of Hong Kong.