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2021. George, Emma E., Mullinix, James A., Meng, Fanwei, Bailey, Barbara A., Edwards, Clinton, Felts, Ben, Haas, Andreas F., Hartmann, Aaron, Mueller, Benjamin, Roach, Ty F., Salamon, Peter, Silveira, Cynthia, Vermeij, Mark, Rohwer, Forest, and Luque, Antoni. Abstract from the article associated with the dataset: George, Mullinix, et al PeerJ 2021. Reef-building corals are ecosystem engineers that com... PeerJ. University of British Columbia, San Diego State University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography*, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History*, Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity Foundation, and University of Miami.
2021. Bontrager, Megan, Usui, Takuji, Lee-Yaw, Julie, Anstett, Daniel, Branch, Haley, Hargreaves, Anna, Muir, Christopher, and Angert, Amy. Every species experiences limits to its geographic distribution. Some evolutionary models predict that populations at range edges are less well-ada... Evolution. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Lethbridge, McGill University, and University of Hawaii System.
2020. Lin, Po-An, Liu, Chia-Ming, Ou, Jia-Ang, Sun, Cheng-Han, Chuang, Wen-Po, Ho, Chuan-Kai, Kinoshita, Natsuko, and Felton, Gary. Plants growing under reduced water availability can affect insect herbivores differently, in some instances benefitting them. However, the forces m... Oecologia. Pennsylvania State University, University of Tsukuba, University of British Columbia, and National Taiwan University.
2021. Cronk, Quentin. The extinction of species before they are discovered and named (dark extinction) is widely inferred as a significant part of species loss in the ea... Biology Letters. University of British Columbia.
2020. Reid, Jane, Arcese, Peter, Nietlisbach, Pirmin, Wolak, Matthew, Muff, Stefanie, Dickel, Lisa, and Keller, Lukas. Ongoing adaptive evolution, and resulting ‘evolutionary rescue’ of declining populations, requires additive genetic variation in fitness. Such vari... Evolution Letters. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of British Columbia, Illinois State University, Auburn University, and University of Zurich.
2021. Noonan, Michael, Martinez-Garcia, Ricardo, Davis, Grace H., Crofoot, Margaret C., Kays, Roland, Hirsch, Ben T., Caillaud, Damien, Payne, Eric, Sih, Andrew, Sinn, David L., Spiegel, Orr, Fagan, William F., Fleming, Christen H., and Calabrese, Justin M. 1. Ecologists have long been interested in linking individual behavior with higher-level processes. For motile species, this 'upscaling' is governe... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. University of British Columbia, ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research*, University of California, Davis, North Carolina State University, James Cook University, Tel Aviv University, University of Maryland, College Park, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS)*.
2021. Bouzid, Nassima, Archie, James, Anderson, Roger, Grummer, Jared, and Leaché, Adam. Divergence is often ephemeral, and populations that diverge in response to regional topographic and climatic factors may not remain reproductively ... Molecular Ecology. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, California State University Long Beach, Western Washington University, University of British Columbia, and University of Washington.
2021. Norris, Andrea, Frid, Leonardo, Debyser, Chloé, De Groot, Krista, Thomas, Jeffrey, Lee, Adam, Dohms, Kimberly, Robinson, Andrew, Easton, Wendy, Martin, Kathy, and Cockle, Kristina. To halt ongoing loss in biodiversity, there is a need for landscape-level management recommendations that address cumulative impacts of anthropogen... Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Environment and Climate Change Canada, ApexRMS, University of British Columbia, and National Scientific and Technical Research Council - Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Puerto Iguazú, Argentina*.