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2021. Sendell-Price, Ashley, Ruegg, Kristen, Robertson, Bruce, and Clegg, Sonya. When populations colonise new areas, both strong selection and strong drift can be experienced due to novel environments and small founding populat... Molecular Ecology. University of Oxford, Colorado State University, and University of Otago.
2020. King, Timothy. 1. In many grasslands, some ants act as ecological engineers to produce long-lasting soil structures which have a considerable influence on the pat... Ecological Solutions and Evidence. University of Oxford.
2020. Wu, Yanying. Dietary magnesium (Mg2+) supplementation can enhance memory in young and aged rats. Memory-enhancing capacity was largely ascribed to increases in ... eLife. University of Oxford.
2021. Tao, Yun, Ferrari, Matthew, Shea, Katriona, Probeert, William, Runge, Michael, Lafferty, Kevin, and Tildesley, Michael. Livestock diseases have devastating consequences economically, socially, and politically across the globe. In certain systems, pathogens remain via... Journal of the Royal Society Interface. University of California, Santa Barbara, Pennsylvania State University, University of Oxford, United States Geological Survey, and University of Warwick.
2021. Reichert, Michael, Morand-Ferron, Julie, Kulahci, Ipek, Firth, Josh, Davidson, Gabrielle, Crofts, Sam, and Quinn, John. 1. The producer-scrounger game is a key element of foraging ecology in many systems. Producing and scrounging typically covary negatively, but part... Journal of Animal Ecology. Oklahoma State University, University of Ottawa, University College Cork, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge.
2020. Phillips, Jessica Ann, Banks, Alex N., Bolton, Mark, Brereton, Tom, Cazenave, Pierre, Gillies, Natasha, Padget, Oliver, van der Kooij, Jeroen, Waggit, James, and Guilford, Tim. Aim: Europe’s only globally critically endangered seabird, the Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus), is thought to have expanded its post-br... Ecology and Evolution. University of Oxford, Natural England, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, MARINElife*, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, and Bangor University.