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2015. Kümmerli, Rolf, Santorelli, Lorenzo A., Granato, Elisa, Dumas, Zoé, Dobay, Akos, Griffin, Ashleigh S., and West, Stuart A. The production of beneficial public goods is common in the microbial world, and so is cheating – the exploitation of public goods by non-producing ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, University of Oxford, and University of Lausanne.
2015. Levin, Samuel, Brock, Debra, Queller, David, Strassmann, Joan, Levin, S. R., Brock, D. A., Queller, D. C., and Strassmann, J. E. The evolution of multicellularity is a major transition that is not yet fully understood. Specifically, we do not know if there are any mechanisms ... Journal of Evolutionary Biology. University of Oxford and Washington University in St. Louis.
2016. Vogwill, Tom, Kojadinovic, Mila, MacLean, R. Craig, MacLean, R. C., and Vogwill, T. Antibiotic resistance often evolves by mutations at conserved sites in essential genes, resulting in parallel molecular evolution between divergent... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of Oxford and Imperial College London.