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2011. Tiedemann, Ralph, Paulus, Kirsten B, Havenstein, Katja, Thorstensen, Sverrir, Petersen, Aevar, Lyngs, Peter, and Milinkovitch, Michel C. Intraspecific brood parasitism (IBP) is a remarkable phenomenon by which parasitic females can increase their reproductive output by laying eggs in... Molecular Ecology. University of Potsdam, Langahlíð 9a, IS‐603 Akureyri, Iceland*, Icelandic Institute of Natural History, Christiansø Fieldstation of Natural Science, Christiansø, DK‐3760 Gudhjem, Denmark*, and University of Geneva.
2017. Littleford-Colquhoun, Bethan L., Clemente, Christofer, Whiting, Martin J., Ortiz-Barrientos, Daniel, and Frère, Celine H. Some of the best evidence for rapid evolutionary change comes from studies of archipelagos and oceanic islands. City parks are analogous systems as... Molecular Ecology. University of the Sunshine Coast, Macquarie University, and University of Queensland.
2017. Berrio, Alejandro, Guerrero, Rafael F., Aglyamova, Galina V., Okhovat, Mariam, Matz, Mikhail V., and Phelps, Steven M. Adaptive variation in social behavior depends upon standing genetic variation, but we know little about how evolutionary forces shape genetic diver... Molecular Ecology. Duke University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Indiana University Bloomington.
2013. Dufresnes, Christophe, Wassef, Jérôme, Ghali, Karim, Brelsford, Alan, Stöck, Matthias, Lymberakis, Petros, Crnobrnja-Isailović, Jelka, and Perrin, Nicolas. Documenting and preserving the genetic diversity of populations, which conditions their long-term survival, has become a major issue in conservatio... Molecular Ecology. University of Lausanne, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, University of Crete, and University of Belgrade.