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2018. Heintzman, Peter D., Zazula, Grant D., MacPhee, Ross D.E., Scott, Eric, Cahill, James A., McHorse, Brianna K., Kapp, Joshua D., Stiller, Mathias, Wooller, Matthew J., Orlando, Ludovic, Southon, John R., Froese, Duane G., Shapiro, Beth, Wooller, Matthew J, Froese, Duane G, McHorse, Brianna K, Heintzman, Peter D, Cahill, James A, Kapp, Joshua D, and Southon, John. The extinct “New World stilt-legged”, or NWSL, equids constitute a perplexing group of Pleistocene horses endemic to North America. Their slender d... eLife. American Museum of Natural History, Yukon Palaeontology Program, Government of Yukon, Whitehorse, Canada*, Cogstone Resource Management, Incorporated, Riverside, United States*, University of California, Santa Cruz, Harvard University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of California, Irvine, Paul Sabatier University, University of Toulouse, University of Alberta, The Arctic University of Norway, and University of California System.
2015. Petzold, Alice, Vargas-Ramírez, Mario, Kehlmaier, Christian, Vamberger, Melita, Branch, William R., Du Preez, Louis, Hofmeyr, Margaretha D., Meyer, Leon, Schleicher, Alfred, Široký, Pavel, and Fritz, Uwe. Using nearly range-wide sampling, we analyze up to 1848 bp of mitochondrial DNA of 183 helmeted terrapins and identify a minimum of 12 deeply diver... Zootaxa. Museum of Zoology, Senckenberg Dresden, A. B. Meyer Building, 01109 Dresden, Germany*, Bayworld Centre for Research and Education, North-West University, University of the Western Cape, P.O. Box 30566, Windhoek, Namibia*, and University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
2016. Metallinou, Margarita, Weinell, Jeffrey L., Karin, Benjamin R., Conradie, Werner, Wagner, Philipp, Schmitz, Andreas, Jackman, Todd R., and Bauer, Aaron M. Most mammals and approximately 20% of squamates (lizards and snakes) are viviparous, whereas all crocodilians, birds and turtles are oviparous. Viv... Biology Letters. Villanova University, Bayworld Centre for Research and Education, and Natural History Museum of Geneva.
2019. Saarman, Norah, Burak, Mary, Opiro, Robert, Hyseni, Chaz, Echodu, Richard, Dion, Kirstin, Opiyo, Elizabeth A., Dunn, Augustine W., Amatulli, Giuseppe, Aksoy, Serap, and Caccone, Adalgisa. Tsetse flies (genus Glossina) are the only vector for the parasitic trypanosomes responsible for sleeping sickness and nagana across sub-Saharan Af... Ecology and Evolution. Yale University, Gulu University, University of Mississippi, Boston Children's Hospital, and Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases; Yale School of Public Health; New Haven Connecticut*.
2016. Rivals, Florent, Prignano, Luce, Semprebon, Gina M., and Lozano, Sergi. The seasonality of human occupations in archaeological sites is highly significant for the study of hominin behavioural ecology, in particular the ... Scientific Reports. Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats, Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution, and Bay Path University.
2017. Almathen, Faisal, Charruau, Pauline, Mohandesan, Elmira, Mwacharo, Joram M., Orozco-terWengel, Pablo, Pitt, Daniel, Abdussamad, Abdussamad M., Uerpmann, Margarethe, Uerpmann, Hans-Peter, De Cupere, Bea, Magee, Peter, Alnaqeeb, Majed A., Salim, Bashir, Raziq, Abdul, Dessie, Tadelle, Abdelhadi, Omer M., Banabazi, Mohammad H., Al-Eknah, Marzook, Walzer, Chris, Faye, Bernard, Hofreiter, Michael, Peters, Joris, Hanotte, Olivier, and Burger, Pamela A. Dromedaries have been fundamental to the development of human societies in arid landscapes and for long-distance trade across hostile hot terrains ... Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. King Faisal University, Vetmeduni Vienna*, University of Nottingham, Cardiff University, Bayero University Kano, Universität Tübingen*, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Bryn Mawr College, Kuwait University, University of Khartoum, University of Agriculture, International Livestock Research Institute, University of Kordofan, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran*, Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement, University of Potsdam, and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.