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2018. Finger, Amanda, Mahardja, Brian, Fisch, Kathleen M., Benjamin, Alyssa, Lindberg, Joan, Ellison, Luke, Ghebremariam, Tewdros, Hung, Tien-Chieh, May, Bernie, Finger, Amanda J, and Fisch, Kathleen M. Genetic adaptation to captivity is a concern for threatened and endangered species held in conservation hatcheries. Here, we present evidence of ge... Journal of Heredity. University of California, Davis.
2015. Shizuka, Daizaburo, Chaine, Alexis S., Anderson, Jennifer, Johnson, Oscar, Laursen, Inger Marie, and Lyon, Bruce E. Migratory birds often form flocks on their wintering grounds, but important details of social structure such as the patterns of association between... Ecology Letters. University of Nebraska - Lincoln, French National Centre for Scientific Research, University of California System, P.O. Box 21903 Santa Barbara CA 93121 USA*, and University of California, Santa Cruz.