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2015. Fenderson, Lindsey E., Kovach, Adrienne I., Litvaitis, John A., O'Brien, Kathleen M., Boland, Kelly M., and Jakubas, Walter J. Landscape features of anthropogenic or natural origin can influence organisms’ dispersal patterns and the connectivity of populations. Understandin... Ecology and Evolution. University of New Hampshire, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
2017. Lammers, Marc O., Howe, Marian, Zang, Eden, McElligott, Megan, Engelhaupt, Amy, and Munger, Lisa. To investigate the potential impacts of naval mine neutralization exercises (MINEX) on odontocete cetaceans, a long-term passive acoustic monitorin... Royal Society Open Science. Oceanwide Science Institute, Humanities Iowa, and Engelhaupt Consulting, 4173 Ewell Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA*.
2012. Smith, Julie W., Sjoberg, Stephanie M., Mueller, Matthew C., Benkman, Craig W., Benkman, C. W., Mueller, M. C., Sjoberg, S. M., and Smith, J. W. How reproductive isolation is related to divergent natural selection is a central question in speciation. Here we focus on several ecologically spe... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Pacific Lutheran University and University of Wyoming.
2016. Wood, Zachary T., Peart, David R., Palmiotto, Peter A., Kong, Lixi, and Peart, Noah V. There is a lack of consensus in theoretical and empirical literature on whether height-diameter (H:D) relationships of canopy trees are asymptotic.... Journal of Ecology. Dartmouth College and Antioch University New England.