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2019. Vijayakumar, Seenapuram Palaniswamy, Pyron, Robert Alexander, Dinesh, K. P., Torsekar, Varun R., Srikanthan, Achyuthan N., Swamy, Priyanka, Stanley, Edward L., Blackburn, David C., and Shanker, Kartik. The Western Ghats (WG) is an escarpment on the west coast of Peninsular India, housing one of the richest assemblages of frogs in the world, with t... PeerJ. Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, George Washington University, Zoological Survey of India, and University of Florida.
2017. Gurgel-Gonçalves, Rodrigo, Komp, Ed, Campbell, Lindsay P., Khalighifar, Ali, Mellenbruch, Jarrett, Mendonça, Vagner José, Owens, Hannah L., de la Cruz Felix, Keynes, Peterson, A. Townsend, Ramsey, Janine M., and Peterson, A Townsend. Identification of arthropods important in disease transmission is a crucial, yet difficult, task that can demand considerable training and experien... PeerJ. University of Kansas, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, University of Florida, and Instituto Nacional de Salud.
2019. Adler, Peter B., Smull, Danielle, Beard, Karen H., Choi, Ryan T., Furniss, Tucker, Kulmatiski, Andrew, Meiners, Joan M., Tredennick, Andrew T., and Veblen, Kari E. Theory predicts that intraspecific competition should be stronger than interspecific competition for any pair of stably coexisting species, yet pre... Ecology Letters. Utah State University and University of Florida.
2015. Hodgson, Jason A., Mulligan, Connie J., Al-Meeri, Ali, and Raaum, Ryan L. Genetic studies have identified substantial non-African admixture in the Horn of Africa (HOA). In the most recent genomic studies, this non-African... PLoS Genetics. Imperial College London, University of Florida, Sana'a University, and Queens College, CUNY.
2016. Samuelson, Lisa J., Stokes, Thomas A., Butnor, John R., Johnsen, Kurt H., Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A., Martin, Timothy A., Cropper Jr., Wendell P., Anderson, Pete H., Ramirez, Michael R., Lewis, John C., and Cropper, Wendell P. Forests can partially offset greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to climate change mitigation, mainly through increases in live biomass. We qua... Ecological Applications. Auburn University, University of Vermont, United States Department of Agriculture, and University of Florida.