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2017. Lindensmith, Christian A., Rider, Stephanie, Bedrossian, Manuel, Wallace, J. Kent, Serabyn, Eugene, Showalter, Gordon M., Deming, Jody W., Nadeau, Jay L., and Showalter, G. Max. Sea ice is an analog environment for several of astrobiology’s near-term targets: Mars, Europa, Enceladus, and perhaps other Jovian or Saturnian mo... PLOS ONE. California Institute of Technology and University of Washington.
2017. Yasuhara, Moriaki, Doi, Hideyuki, Wei, Chih-Lin, Danovaro, Roberto, and Myhre, Sarah E. The link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (BEF) over long temporal scales is poorly understood. Here, we investigate biological monit... Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. University of Hong Kong, University of Hyogo, National Taiwan University, Marche Polytechnic University, and University of Washington.
2018. Halofsky, Joshua S., Conklin, David R., Donato, Daniel C., Halofsky, Jessica E., and Kim, John B. Future vegetation shifts under changing climate are uncertain for forests with infrequent stand-replacing disturbance regimes. These high-inertia f... PLOS ONE. Washington Department of Natural Resources, Oregon Freshwater Simulations, Portland, Oregon, United States of America*, University of Washington, and United States Department of Agriculture.
2018. Canales-Aguirre, Cristian B., Seeb, Lisa W., Seeb, James E., Cadiz, Maria I., Musleh, Selim S., Arismendi, Ivan, Gajardo, Gonzalo, Galleguillos, Ricardo, and Gomez-Uchida, Daniel. Different pathways of propagation and dispersal of non-native species into new environments may have contrasting demographic and genetic impacts on... Ecology and Evolution. University of Los Lagos, University of Concepción, University of Washington, and Oregon State University.
2015. Buckley, Lauren B., Nufio, César R., Kirk, Evan M., and Kingsolver, Joel G. Annual species may increase reproduction by increasing adult body size through extended development, but risk being unable to complete development ... Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. University of Washington, University of Colorado Boulder, and University of North Carolina.
2016. Ford, Michael J., Hempelmann, Jennifer, Hanson, M. Bradley, Ayres, Katherine L., Baird, Robin W., Emmons, Candice K., Lundin, Jessica I., Schorr, Gregory S., Wasser, Samuel K., and Park, Linda K. Estimating diet composition is important for understanding interactions between predators and prey and thus illuminating ecosystem function. The di... PLOS ONE. Northwest Fisheries Science Center, University of Washington, and Cascadia Research.