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2018. Weiß, Brigitte M., Marcillo, Andrea, Manser, Marta, Holland, Ruben, Birkemeyer, Claudia, and Widdig, Anja. 1. Olfaction is a central aspect of mammalian communication, providing information about individual attributes such as identity, sex, group members... Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Leipzig University, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Zurich, and German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research.
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2018. Krützen, Michael, Beasley, Isabel, Ackermann, Corinne Y., Lieckfeldt, Dietmar, Ludwig, Arne, Ryan, Gerard E., Bejder, Lars, Parra, Guido J., Wolfensberger, Rebekka, Spencer, Peter B.S., and Spencer, Peter B. S. In threatened wildlife populations, it is important to determine whether observed low genetic diversity may be due to recent anthropogenic pressure... PLOS ONE. University of Zurich, James Cook University, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, University of Melbourne, Murdoch University, and Flinders University.
2015. Nyman, Tommi, Valtonen, Mia, Aspi, Jouni, Ruokonen, Minna, Kunnasranta, Mervi, and Palo, Jukka U. Island populations are on average smaller, genetically less diverse, and at a higher risk to go extinct than mainland populations. Low genetic dive... Ecology and Evolution. University of Eastern Finland, University of Zurich, University of Oulu, and University of Helsinki.
2015. Nyman, Tommi, Leppänen, Sanna A., Várkonyi, Gergely, Shaw, Mark R., Koivisto, Reijo, Barstad, Trond Elling, Vikberg, Veli, and Roininen, Heikki. Studies on the determinants of plant–herbivore and herbivore–parasitoid associations provide important insights into the origin and maintenance of ... Molecular Ecology. University of Zurich, University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, National Museums Scotland, and Liinalammintie 11 as. 6; Turenki FI-14200 Finland*.
2012. Willi, Yvonne, Griffin, Philippa, and Van Buskirk, Josh. According to theory, drift load in randomly mating populations is determined by past population size, because enhanced genetic drift in small popul... Heredity. University of Neuchâtel and University of Zurich.